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Hudson Grace

Hudson Grace

Hudson Grace

I was born in San Francisco and grew up in San Anselmo, a small town on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Currently, I'm living in Westwood and studying business economics at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

In my free time, I explore: I hike 15 miles over Mount Tamalpais to Stinson Beach. Sometimes barefoot. Sometimes at night with a headlamp. I love to camp in the desert, swim in the Pacific, and run in the forest. During the summer of 2022, I took a month-long cross-country road trip with my younger brother. We drove 8000 miles through 31 states. I take my sense of adventure everywhere I go.



Student at the University of California, Los Angeles

Hudson Grace

I entered UCLA with a passion for math and economics. When I joined Bruin Ventures (a club at UCLA), I discovered a field that melded my interests and favorite subjects: finance. I knew almost nothing about startups, funding, and venture firms, so the club experience fascinated me. After performing research for analysts at venture capital firms, I decide to focus on finance.

Following my exposure to venture capital, I applied to consulting and investment banking clubs at UCLA. Initially, the application process was daunting. To weed out many applicants, the clubs sent out hundreds of pages of material to review, on topics including accounting, valuing companies, and pitching stocks. Many of the top clubs had low single-digit acceptance rates, taking only a dozen or so members per year. Ultimately, I was accepted to and joined a consulting club (Bruin Consulting) and an investment banking club (Bruin Asset Management).

Admittance to these new clubs spurred my interest in understanding companies, now both public and private. I worked on developing skills in Excel, Powerpoint, and public speaking. In the club I became most involved with, Bruin Asset Management, I used financial ratios, industry and company research, and valuations (including public comparables, precedent transactions, and DCF analyses) to pitch investments in various companies.

In high school, I ran competitive cross country and track & field. I loved the physical and mental discipline, and then seeing the results of my hard work. I found similar satisfaction in finance case competitions. As a member of Bruin Asset Management, I competed in two case competitions, one through Houlihan Lokey and the other through Credit Suisse. I enjoyed the challenge of researching public companies with fellow club members and figuring out strategies to do well. In many ways, the work I did through these clubs felt similar to competing at a cross country or track meet—and that was exhilarating.


In the Spring, I began an internship as an equity research intern at Chapman Office. I researched and pitched companies to the portfolio manager and investment committee for potential inclusion in a $500M+ fund. On one of my investment pitches, an initial investment was made, and six months later, a realized gain of over 40% was captured. That kind of success invigorated me. I continued through the summer researching companies in the software, consumer, and e-commerce industries.

All the while, I was gaining exposure to private companies by working on projects for two venture firms (both with $1B+ AUM) through Bruin Ventures and consulting for a Series A startup ($10M+ in funding) through Bruin Consulting. For several months over the Summer, I also worked as a business development intern at Chimera, a small startup developing software that optimizes and automates architectural design.

I continue to fuel my passions by involving myself in classes and internships where I can use (and improve) my existing skills while equally importantly, develop new ones. I recently finishing working as an Investment Banking Fall Analyst at DelMorgan & Co, a middle market firm based in Santa Monica with $300B+ in successful transactions. I practiced a great variety of sell-side skills and was able to work on several live deals.

I am especially interested in technology, explained by the various tech-focused internships I have completed. This Summer, I'm hoping to expand this interest with my internship at Vista Point Advisors, a middle market technology investment bank that specializes in software and internet companies. I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to gain experience and better myself, not simply to achieve academic and professional success, but to become a fully-realized, well-rounded person. I am always enthusiastic about discovery and look forward to my future ventures.


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